Is Sports Betting Legal In Chicago?

Lawmakers are working diligently to make sports betting legal in Illinois. Most residents have already caught wind of the Supreme Court ruling that effectively ended the longstanding ban on sports betting in the U.S. In the Murphy vs. NCAA case, the state of New Jersey contested the constitutionally of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) and won. The law limited commercial sports betting to Nevada, with the only exceptions being NFL parlays in Delaware and sports lotteries in Oregon and Montana. Now that PASPA has been struck down, Illinois and other states are free to regulate sports betting in all forms, without restrictions. The state is well on its way toward legalization, and it’s only a matter of time before sports betting for Illinois residents is a reality.

Is Chicago Online Sports Betting Legal?

Ah yes, there is a difference between the two. Making online bets is something that most Illinois residents can do provided that they meet age requirements to gamble with sportsbooks that accept Illinois players.

But, you thought online sports betting sites weren’t regulated by Illinois? Well, you are absolutely right but the online betting sites found here on are not located in IL or in the U.S. For that reason, these betting sites are not forced to comply with Illinois betting laws and welcome players from the state with open arms. These sites may not be regulated by the state, but they are licensed and a safe option for anyone wanting to put a few dollars down on the night’s games.

It is also worth noting that Illinois already has laws that permit online horse betting. While not exactly “sports betting”, betting on horse races is gambling. Now that sports betting is on the table, it seems likely that lawmakers will push for state-licensed Illinois online sportsbooks as well. Sports betting for Illinois residents will likely include online options.